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America’s Career & Technical Education Publisher since 1996, B.E. Publishing specializes in providing hands-on, real-world classroom resources and teaching materials that connect students to the world of business.

In today's information technology-based society, it is our belief (supported by extensive research) that students learn best by doing. To that end, we produce and distribute resources that help business, career, and technology educators engage students with exciting, immersive instruction.

Our wide variety of educational tools and resources, including textbooks and software, transform today's students into tomorrow's business leaders.

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B.E. Publishing partners with Teaching.com—a leading developer of educational, web-based products—to create entertaining resources that engage students as they gain the skills they need for a successful future. Teaching.com combines cutting-edge technology and design to help students learn and retain knowledge the best way possible: by doing.

Working together since 2009, Teaching.com and B.E. Publishing have collaborated on several products—including the number-one keyboarding software in the education market. The programming, design, content, and research-based curriculum and interface that users see is based on consistent field studies, user testing, and an ever-changing testing model.

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