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In this new textbook, students will use their personal and computer applications skills as they produce professional documents. With a strong focus on workplace readiness and communication and writing skills, students will reinforce their touch typing skills, create word processing documents, develop spreadsheets, build databases, design digital publishing documents, and make digital presentations using the appropriate software for the task at hand.

Students will also explore the vital role technology has in the workplace, as well as learn the various hardware and software tools that are available today. This textbook culminates with students working in teams while collaborating on a final project.

Benefits & Features

  • Use with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or equivalent applications
  • Hands-on school and workplace-themed projects using touch typing, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, presentations, digital publishing, and software integration
  • Concludes with a final project where students collaborate as they work in teams
  • All Assignments Submitted Online (from Student Portal to Instructor Portal)
  • No textbooks or paper required

Sample Lessons

Part 1

The Importance of Professionalism

Part 2

Soft Skills in the Workplace

Part 1

Technology in the Workplace

Part 2

Information Systems & Communication Technology

Part 1

Information Technology Requirements

Part 2

Planning and Setting Up Information Systems

Lesson 4.1

Unit Directories

Lesson 5.1

My Favorite Things

Lesson 5.2

Super Cuts

Lesson 5.3

State Symbols

Lesson 5.4

How to Build a Website

Lesson 5.5

Fortune 500 Top 10 Companies

Lesson 5.6

The Hunger Games

Lesson 5.7

The Voice

Lesson 5.8

Movie Summary

Lesson 5.9

Taking a Vacation

Learning About Databases

Lesson 6.1

Address Book

Lesson 6.2

Address Book 2

Lesson 6.3


Lesson 6.4

Favorite U.S. Roller Coasters

Lesson 6.5

Address Book 3

Lesson 6.6

Sales at the School Store

Lesson 6.7


Lesson 6.8


Lesson 6.9

Multiple Oscar Winners

Lesson 7.1

Generation What?

Lesson 7.2

NBA Hall of Fame

Lesson 7.3

So You Think You Can Dance Season Winners

Lesson 7.4

Best-Selling Books

Lesson 7.5

Best-Selling Books 2

Lesson 7.6


Lesson 7.7

Market Analysis

Lesson 7.8


Lesson 7.9

TV Legend Interviews

Lesson 7.10

Excel Art

Lesson 8.1

Employee Welcome

Lesson 8.2

Employee Welcome 2

Lesson 8.3

Choosing a College Major

Lesson 8.4

Geometric Shapes

Lesson 8.5

Geometric Shapes 2

Lesson 8.6

Building a House

Lesson 9.1

Toy Drive

Lesson 9.2

Toy Drive 2

Lesson 9.3

Science Fair Tips

Lesson 9.4

Coffee Mug Design

Lesson 9.5

Coffee Mug Design 2

Lesson 9.6

Lunch Menu

Lesson 9.7

Note Card

Lesson 9.8

Beginners Design Tips

Lesson 9.9

Doorknob Hanger

Lesson 9.10

Join the Club!

Lesson 9.11

Fall Festival Flyer

Part 1

What is the Pitch It! Project?

Part 2

Working in Teams

Part 3

Required Setup Instructions

Project 10.2

What's the Big Idea?

Included with Your Purchase

  • 24/7 access from anywhere, any device
  • Student Project Solutions


Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Item #: TB-BIM-iA

ISBN: 978-1-626891-28-9

Author: The Development Team at B.E. Publishing

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